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2007 GXL Landcruiser + Jetski Package

This older Landcruiser came to us with very dry, oxidized paintwork that came off on your hand if you wiped it over the surface. 10hrs later it was ready for its 2nd washdown and alcohol wipedown. The end result was stunning and looks like it just left the factory floor.

As an added bonus we also surface corrected and coated the top and hull of the clients jetski to aid in protection from the salt water, water spots, scratching and ensures a much faster washdown procedure after being out having fun all day. Instead of an hr to wash, dry and wax the ski ots now a 10 min rinse and storage.

2016 Ford Focus.

This New focus came to us with under 20km on the clock after the Ford dealership had spent all day on it. Needless to say it needed more work to remove swirls, scratches and washing damage done during predelivery. Once coated the white paintwork had a gloss like no other. Its owner was ecstatic and immediately booked her husbands car and jetski in for a treatment.

Black 2016 Landcruiser Sahara

A beautiful, brand new 2016 Black Sahara came to us with 2400km on the clock. Having been washed only twice we expected the paint to be in good condition. Unfortunately this wasnt the case with swirl marks, scratches, marks from a dirty sponge and even pre-delivery plastic’s still evidant. 6hrs later the paint was in the condition it should have been delivered in and after the 2nd decontamination, alcohol wipe we were ready to coat with Pomponazzi.

2015 Black 200 Series Sahara

In Keeping with our current trend of 200 series landcruisers we have a beautiful black metallic Sahara that was in desperate need of some love. The paintwork looked like it had lived in a auto-carwash for some time and required a full 3 stage correction totaling 11.5hrs. Needless to say it was restored to her full potencial and was coated with our trademark Pomponazzi Quartz Glass coating.


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WA Pompin Roadtrip!!

What an Epic trip, 10780km in 16 days. 5 awesome Landcruisers later and we turned around and drove home again. Sleeping under the stars in swags, 2c nights and a few 10c days ensured we kept moving or risk freezing to the spot. We did manage to visit the Max Max Museum, the site of the famous truck rollover from MM2 and a few friends along the way.


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2010 GXL 200 Series.

The car we travelled to Kalgoolie to complete. Lots of red dirt, scratches and pinstriping so a solid 7hrs on the buff to bring the paint back to acceptable levels. Very tough truck with an accessory list as long as the drive to get to it!


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